Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An introduction to the Koh Pan Ngan Lexicon

In Thailand, one is bound to learn new words.

I'm still struggling with hello and thank you in Thai, but have picked up some fantastic new words in English --

DAG: Australian slang.
The word literally means the piece of poo hanging off a sheep's backside, but is used as an affectionate term in everyday language to describe someone who is gauche, whose clothing is inappropriate for the situation they're in.
For example, one could say that I felt like quite the dag in Hong Kong where everyone was dressed to the nines and I only had my hiking boots and travel gear with me.
The hostess at the Penninsula hotel didn't allow me into the new Felix bar, a bar designed by Philippe Starck, as I was wearing a "trashy suit" (after some questioning, I realized she meant a track suit)

S.N.A.G: American slang, acronym for
Sensitive or Super New Age Guy.
Used for what I have termed the Namaste Capitalists. These are men who use new age, and the journey for "truth" to justify an egotism and self-involvement that would otherwise be embarrassing. It is important to note that the SNAG uses his New Ageyness as a way to pursue women, and a ticket into the more lightheaded female yoginis' pants.

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